SOLO Feeder Compact Top Applicator


SOLO Feeder Compact Top Applicator


Output Capacity.: Approx. 40 products/minute*
*Calculated based on typical label dispensing speed and a length of 500 mm (sheet length 250 mm + product gap distance). The output capacity depends on the label length, product length/diameter, product gap distance, label dispensing speed and loading skill.

Label Dimensions: 20 - 120 mm (W) × 20 - 400 mm (L)

Label Roll Diameter: 76 mm (Inner) / Max 300 mm (Outer)

Machine Dimensions: Approx. 1700 mm (L) × 1040 mm (W) × 1650 mm (H)

Label Dispensing Speed: Typical 20 m/min

Accuracy: Label Dispensing ± 1 mm
Label Placement ± 1-2 mm (depending product shape & consistency)

Machine Model: SOLO-ATT-CP-12SP

Labelling Application: Apply labels on top of the sheet (i.e. paper, flat unit carton or plastic/aluminium bag). There is a feeder to separate and dispense the sheet on a conveyor for the labelling process.

Sheet Dimensions: 60 - 300 mm (W) × 80 - 450 mm (L) × 0.15 - 3 mm (T)

Feeder Conveyor Speed: Typical 20 m/min [adjustable up to Max 40 m/min]

Feeder Conveyor Dimension: Approx. 550 mm (W) × 1050 mm (L) × 800 mm (H)


Carton boxes, Plastic Packet, Paper, etc

a) Flexible Design : i) Label applicators with 2-axis position adjustment
    - vertical axis (adjust the label placement height)
    - horizontal axis (adjust the initial label placement)
    ii) Adjustable stainless steel sheet feeding tray and collection tray to accommodate a wide range of sheets
    iii) Stainless steel console with caster wheel and leveling pad makes the machine is moveable and the conveyor height is adjustable
b) User-Friendly : i) PLC controlled with a 5 DM LCD (28mm x 38mm) display module
    ii) Displays and records of product and label counters
    iii) Label gap sensor with easy teaching function
    iv) Low maintenance as fewer moving mechanism direct drive from motors
    v) Sheet is separated and dispensed by a friction belt mechanism
    vi) A wide belt conveyor is used to accommodate a wide range of sheet

SOLO Feeder Compact Top Applicator

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