SOLO Servo-Ecam Two(2) Sides +  Belt Wrap-around Labelling Machine
SOLO Servo-Ecam Two(2) Sides +  Belt Wrap-around Labelling Machine


SOLO Servo-Ecam Two(2) Sides + Belt Wrap-around Labelling Machine


Bottles, carton boxes, containers, etc


Ease of upgrade
  • Whether a printer integration is required for data printing purpose, or the need for specific product labelling arises, additional devices can always be added to the Solo Servo-Ecam 2 Side Labelling Machine to suit your production needs.
  • The Solo Servo-Ecam 1 Side Labelling Machine consists of 2 side label applicators that can be adjusted for various labelling applications without affecting the accuracy of label application.
  • Able to set-up whether to apply labels only on 1 side or front and back of the product.
  • Machines can be set-up as in-line or off-line depending on your production needs with modular design, where the machine can be easily moved around at ease.
  • Features teach-in label gap sensor that makes label roll changing between batches a relatively simple task.
  • Comes with a push button, allows the label gap sensor to detect label distances easily.
  • Able to setup and recall up to 100 types of products easily from the HMI
  • Feature preventive function to prevent the wastage of labelling outcome such as:-
    1. Label lock function to stop label dispensing when gap sensor malfunction
    2. Alarm interlocking protection system for label finish, label break and label gap sensor faulty
    3. Prevent multiple label dispensing on single product application
  • Consists of E-cam system that is able to synchronize with the master encoder, ensuring all the components run at the same speed.
Machine Specifications:

Label Dispensing Speed

25 m/min

Output Capacity

40 - 50 pcs/min base on product length 290mm + gap distance = 600mm (depends on the label length, product length/diameter, product gap distance, label dispensing speed and loading skill)

Max Product Dimensions

120 mm (W) × 330 mm (H) [both are upgradeable]


Label Dispensing: ± 0.5 mm
Label Placement: ± 1 mm (depending product shape & its consistency)

Label Dimensions

20 - 200 mm (W) [upgradeable] × 20 - 400 mm (L) [adjustable]

Label Roll Diameter

76 mm (Inner) / Max 300 mm (Outer) [upgradeable] 

Machine Dimensions

Approx. 2700 mm (L) × 1800 mm (W) × 2200 mm (H)

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