SOLO Econ Two (2) Sides Labelling Machine
SOLO Econ Two (2) Sides Labelling Machine
SOLO Econ Two (2) Sides Labelling Machine


SOLO Econ Two (2) Sides Labelling Machine


Dispensing speed: 20 m/min

Output: 2 sides oval shape container labeling approx 60 - 70 pcs/minute ( Base on product length 200mm + gap distance 200mm total = 400mm) depending label length, product length/diameter and loading skill

Max product width: 120mm

Max product Height: 330mm

Label dispensing accuracy: +/- 1 mm (label placement accuracy on the product is depending on product shape & consistency)

Label height: Min 20mm/Max 200mm

Label length: Min 20 mm/Max 400mm(can be set)

Label roll size: Max 300mm dia

Label roll core: 76mm Dia

Machine Size: 2390mm (Length) x 1800mm(Width) x 1800m(Height)

Machine direction: Left to Right

  • 4 axis label applicator position adjustment
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Applicator head  shear +/- 5-degree label edge alignment
    • Applicator head tilting from 0 to 15 degrees for taper shape product B) Label Lock Function to stop label dispensing when gap sensor malfunction 
  • Label Gap Sensor Easy Teaching Function 
  • Interlocking Alarm System (Label Finish, Label Break, Label Gap Sensor Faulty) 
  • Prevent Multiple Label Dispensing Function on Single Product 
  • Label Tongue Offset Parameter Setting for Various Label Length 
  • Label placement delay by setting timer delay (0.001~1sec)
  • Low maintenance as fewer moving mechanism direct drive from Stepper motor
  • Robust frame and structure constructed from aluminum,s. steel & galvanized to  withstand the harsh working environment 
  • Independent applicator control panel mounted on swivel arm with setting panel 25x38mm 
  • Built with Servo''E-CAM''system(Top stabilizer and dispensing motor speed synchronizing with master encoder mount on the conveyor)
  • Product(Belt/Chain) Centre Alignment to guide oval container to move in center line 
  • Top stabilizer device attachment speed synchronizing with base conveyor
  • Label counter 
  • Side guide, brush, & roller to accommodate a wide range of product


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