2(Two) Side Servo Ecam C/W Wrap-Around Labelling Machine


2(Two) Side Servo Ecam C/W Wrap-Around Labelling Machine


We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Providing Labeling Machine for your products. We stand here with our machines to assist you in your labeling products even with different Size and Shape Products. Here we showed you an appropriate machine for your product. We showed above how the label machine used on a single product.

Model : SOLO2SL-200SV-BW-250

  • Fully synchoronized label applicator, top stabilizer and conveyor system.

  • High stability & accuracy performance Servo E-Cam applicator label dispencing.

  • Product bottel will not topple if labelling interruption on vonveyor stoppage and restarting. resuming will not affect labelling accuracy or missing label on product.

  • 28 meter linear speed with smooth and stable continuous label dispensing.

  • User friendly touch screen control panel with 30 input recipes (memories) for different label/bottle type setting.

  • 5 mechanival axis for vertical, horizontal, left and right,taper (tilting) and maximum 20 degree angle shearing on applicator adjusment.

  • High quality electronics component parts to withstand longer shelf life usage.

  • Solid and robust machine structure with high grade stainless steel conveyor frame.

  • Flexible for online integration or offline labelling applications

Label Applicator Head Servo Electronic Cam Drie Systems
Dispensing Speed  28 meter/min
Side Labelling Output  70-90 pcs/min (product length 100mm+gap 200mm)
Belt Wrap Around Output Approx.60 pcs/min (product Ø 50mm + gap 250 mm)
Label Size - Length  Length min. 20mm X max. 400mm
Label Size - Height Height min. 20mm X max 200mm
Label Roll  Inner ø 76mm/ Outer ø 300mm
Power Suplly  220-240 voltage AC, 50Hz, Single Phase
Machine Dimension / Weight 1800m (w) x 1800mm (H) x 2390mm(L) / Approx. 330kg

Servo Ecam Two(2) Side Labelling Machine - ON MILK PRODUCT

Two(2) Side Servo Ecam Labelling Machine On 3 Different Lubrication Oil Product

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