Wrap Around Labelling Machine (Vertical Pneumatic)


Wrap Around Labelling Machine (Vertical Pneumatic)

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We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Providing Labeling Machine for your products. We stand here with our machines to assist you in your labeling products even with different Size and Shape Products. Here we showed you an appropriate machine for your product. We showed above how the label machine used on a single product.



  • Local Designed and fabricated utilizing technology from japan branded PLC controller and stepper motor.

  • Heavy duty profile conveyor system designed motor driven by inverter controller.

  • Can be attacted pneumatic warap-around device for 2 label function and orientation wrap-around labelling (optional)

  • Suitable for 1 side, full wrap-around for round bottle, corner and 3 side for square bottle labelling.

  • PLC control systems providers user friendly operation for adjusment labelling speed,label length,label positioning by setting timer delay, and etc.

  • Applicator can be titled and sheared for misalignment labelling.

  • Built with simplicity, reliability and low maintenance.


  • Label finish blarm buzzer

  • Label break

  • Label gap sensor fault



Power Source 


Dispensing Speed


Wrap-Around Labelling 

40-60pcs/min (Dia.60 between product distance 300mm)


+-1mm (depend on product shape consistency)

Label Size 

Max Height 120mm x Length 207mm (can be set)


1950(L) x 1000(W)X 1300(H) MM

Machine Weight

 Approx. 180kg


  • Pneumatic Wrap-Around

  • HMI System

Solo Vertical Pneumatic Wrap-Around Labelling -HIGH VALLEY

Solo Vertical Pneumatic Wrap Around ( Splina Product )

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