Flexcy Top Labelling Machine
Flexcy Top Labelling Machine
Flexcy Top Labelling Machine
Flexcy Top Labelling Machine


Flexcy Top Labelling Machine


We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Providing Labeling Machine for your products. We stand here with our machines to assist you in your labeling products even with different Size and Shape Products. Here we showed you an appropriate machine for your product. We showed above how the label machine used on a single product.



  • Economical and versatile labelling machine, PLC control system and driven by stepper motor.

  • Suitable for top and multiple shape application labelling (paper, pre-form bag and product irregular shape)

  • Develop for high speed performance and accuracy

  • Applicator can be tilted for easy alignment parallel with the conveyor

  • Built with simplicity, reliability and low maintenance

  • Label gap sensor fault feature

  • Applicator can be tilted up to 15 degree


  • Label finish alarm buzzer

  • Label break

  • Label gap sensor fault



  • POWER SOURCE: AC230/50HZ/13A

  • TOP LABELING : 100-120pcs/min(between product distance 150mm)

  • ACCURACY : +-1mm(depend on product shape consistency)

  • LABEL SIZE : Max width 120mm x length 207mm(can be set)

  • DIMENSION : 700(W) x 1500(H) x 2000mm (L)

  • MACHINE WEIGHT : Approx 120KG


  • HMI system

Solo Flexcy Top Labelling (Tooth Brush Cover)

Solo Flexcy Top Labelling (Product Application)

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