SOLO LAAS (Labelling-As-A-Service) Program


Are You One of Them?

Common Challenges Faced by Manufacturers in Malaysia:

  • High initial cost for owning labelling machine​​​

  • ​​Frequent breakdown issues with low cost labelling machine

  • Lack of warranty & technical supports for imported labelling machine

  • Paying high maintenance fee for unreliable machine service

  • Replacement parts with obsolation or quality issues

If you face any one of these issues, then this LAAS program is suitable for you

How Can This Scheme Benefits Your Manufacturing Business

WITH just RM1  T&C Apply

 What can you get in this programme?

Low Budget Needed

  • Able to rent required labelling machine in just RM 1
  • Requires low capital to start up your business
  • Reduce your OPEX, CAPEX and downtime

Increase Profit

  • Fast and Accurate labelling process through premium machine
  • Reduce downtime during labelling process
  • Free regular service & machine maintenance
  • Longer machine lifespan with quality spare parts

No Worries

  • Reliable machine performance with great efficiency
  • Improve labelling process with high accuracy & fast labelling machine
  • Provide quality labels for best engineering solution
  • No worries on label sticker supply, we design and print

What are the differences between buying a labelling machine compare to LAAS Program?

Buying LAAS
Warranty 1 Year / 12 Months Up to 5 Years / 60 Months
Service Charge Incur labor charges when warranty expire Free within the warranty period
Spare parts Incur spare part charges when warranty expire Free within the warranty period
Sticker Label Label is outsource from different supplier, unable to guarantee label quality suitable for our labelling machine Label quality ensured to works on our labelling machine
1-to-1 Exchange Labelling Machine is fixed based on model purchased Able to exchange labelling machine depends on your requirement

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