Save millions from food recalls : Avoid common labelling errors in food packaging, don’t let it hind

Product recall is costly. Any error occurs in the food labelling can cause massive recalls, resulting costly damage to sales, profit and brand reputation.

Even food manufacturers with the most stringent protocols and processes can experience a food recall. Such action can be initiated by the manufacturers themselves, regulatory agencies, or consumers to prevent the contaminated or improper labelled products to spread further, halt the damage before it is too late.

More than 60 percent of FDA recalls are due to labelling issues and most of these errors relate to food contaminations. However, recalls can occur for reasons aside from contamination, such as mislabeling. For instance, wrong ingredients, wrong expiration declaration or labels not being up-to-date. While mislabeling doesn’t always pose a risk to public health, any improper or missing information on label can result in returned, rejected or recalled product. Imagine the time and money lost on having to re-label product packaging. Not to mention the labeling lawsuits that have arisen in recent years that could easily bring down a business.


What are some of the common labelling errors occur in food manufacturing?



Misinformation on food product is a major problem, especially on those with allergen need to be warned about. it will not only cause confusion to the customers but also requires major callback if it is public health concerned. Important information such as nutrition information, packaging date, ingredients and especially food allergy information are required by legal on every food packaging. Absent of any of these would cause a major product recall or withdrawal.


🔹Printing/ Equipment Errors

Missed, or badly printed product labels/packaging happens when the printer malfunctioned yet the line carries on. Also, inaccurate label information input could cause the essential product information to be printed on the wrong area or having multiple labels labelled on a single product. All these can be a huge problem if they go out undetected.


🔹Human Errors

Human errors in mislabeling often coming from 2 situations: selecting the wrong labels (especially when label designs are similar) or deploying the wrong information onto product packaging (e.g. printed wrong expiry date). It is a mistake frequently seen when operators are working under high speed, quick changeover environment especially in food manufacturing lines.


To address these issues, reinforce your labelling process with automation technologies such as labelling machine with IIOT system that’s designed to detect machine abnormality with smart sensors, provide accurate data logging and visualization that allows easy label progression tracking and quick recipe switchover with HMI screen for different product batches. By tracking and documenting labels consumption and usage, manufacturers can add an extra measure of quality control to their production and safeguard against such crisis.

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21 May 2021