How brands gain advantage from luxury-looking packaging?

Luxury, is often used to describe goods that come with characteristics that involve scarcity, refinement, and is able to withstand the test of time. Luxury packaging, on the other hand, is the extension of the perceived values instilled in the product to complement the total buying experience. Businesses nowadays are using product packaging as one of the most effective and market-oriented strategies to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Luxury packaging does not limit to luxury items and can be easily adopted by any product types to appeal to emerging demand. The rising demand for luxury packaging mainly derived from the growing competition level, willingness to spend, and increasing focus of brand details and design. By investing on lavish packaging, brands are expecting to gain competitive edge on brand image, market positioning and perceived quality that could influence consumer decision subconsciously.


How to put luxury into product packaging?

Product packaging involves the whole range of design elements, including size, shape, and material. To create luxury packaging, businesses should focus more on refining the existing packaging details with luxury materials such as silk, stone, leather, linen or wood. Although sometimes luxury materials may be out of budget or reach for specific products.

However, the luxurious feel can still be achieved with simple tweaks on design elements such as colour, font on the printed labels of product packaging. Gold, black and white are the popular colour choice used to create the luxurious perception; a consistent, wrinkle-free label with minimalist design could also help to form the premium perception towards product perceived quality and brand image.

All in all, consistent brand messaging across all elements on product packaging is essential when trying to sell product to the premium market. Packaging is viewed as the extension of brand image and must be relevant and fully aligned with the spirit of a brand, its products, and its target clientele. When properly executed, packaging becomes another opportunity in which to showcase and highlight brand unique traits.

06 May 2021