Considering Imported Labelling Machines? Think again.

Considering Imported Labelling Machines? Think again.

Many labelling machine owners find automatic labelling machines are not generating satisfactory supports and advantages for their business operations due to the past experience they had with imported machines or inadequate suppliers with insufficient experience that could not provide reliable solutions to efficiently resolve the problem.

We as one of the largest manufacturer of labelling machine in Malaysia for 28 years have met many disappointed users and successfully transformed their operations with the innovative labelling solutions and reliable supports. Below are some of the major concerns shared by customers based on their previous experience before they met us. If you encounter similar doubts or problems on imported labelling machine, we are more than happy to help you out.

• Difficult-to-operate
This is common for the labelling machines that are bought from overseas. Many customers are keen to purchase their first labelling machine from overseas that are priced at much lower cost as a starting point to reduce the risk on initial investment and quality uncertainties. However, this often accompanied by absent or poorly performed product training, worse when machine manual is only available in native language which makes machine understanding even more difficult for the operators from different country.

• Lack of Support/Warranty/Replacement Parts
After sales services are important to ensure the labelling machine run in full potential. Many overseas manufacturers claim to offer warranties but mostly are denied when the users need it the most due to certain terms and conditions that are not stated clearly when the purchase happened. Even if the warranty was valid, the time it takes to arrange for parts delivery and exchange might incur even greater loss for business due to the machine downtimes. The level of support given is also limited as some of the oversea manufacturers do not have technical team that could speak other languages more than native language hence is difficult to troubleshoot machine problem when it arises.

• Hidden costs/Low ROI
Dissatisfaction occurs when needs are not met and customers have not achieved the expected ROI from the machine investment. This happens when the machine supplier has not provided effective labelling solutions to the problem to eliminate issues from the root. The price tag for labelling machine might be low at the first sight, but be mindful on the hidden costs when it comes to machine import. Some of the unwritten costs for imported machinery include cost recovery charges (import), delivery order fee, port charges (warehouse handling, FAF, removal), transportation charges, documentation fees, handling fees, EDI & LCL charges, agency fees, warehouse storage, custom clearance, etc.

24 Mar 2021