How SMEs Grow Productivity with Automation & Technology on Tight Cash Flow?

Small businesses are the bedrock and growth engine for a country’s economy and by supporting them to recover quickly post-pandemic would be fundamental yet essential to restore the economy. However, cash flow is often cited a major contributor to failure in small businesses. It poses great challenge for SMEs in emerging economies like Malaysia when they have been burning candles at both ends, to endure 50% longer payment collection period due to red tape, and corporate procedures whilst striving to make ends meet every month. Things are even harder and fatal during times like now whereby the market volatility is driving uncertainty in business place.

One business research carried out by United Overseas Bank (UOB), Accenture and Dun & Bradstreet in 2020 reveals that technology was ranked the top investment priority by 64% companies including those who currently have cash flow concerns. The results also suggest small businesses in ASEAN such as Malaysia are looking beyond the present challenges and are ready to adopt technology in view to improve business efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability.

The unprecedented economic & business impact of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology for many small businesses as they soon realized that technology can help them to ease the impact brought by pandemic on their operations such as labour shortage and productivity as they adjust to meet new demand trends. From Zara’s AI driven consumer analysis to Amazon’s robot-fueled warehouse, businesses nowadays are embracing technologies like robotic process automation, machine learning and AI as a part to delivering revolution in productivity and cost reduction. Optimising business process with automation technology to Increase profit through higher productivity is one way to help supply-based businesses out of this situation. An automated production line with automatic labelling machine involved is able to increase productivity by at least 65%, ensuring labelling works are executed perfectly with minimum errors and labour involvement. Nevertheless, investment made on production equipment is often a burden to business cash flow as they are usually costly and take a long time to breakeven. Beyond that, the machine maintenance support and part replacements are always the stumbling blocks for faster ROI.       

Solo Labeller Technology has been in the industry for more than 28 years, focused on providing reliable labelling machines with premium quality and expefor various industries regardless of business size to help businesses grow in greater heights. We aim to help businesses to start on the right foot by providing them the right equipment & support to accelerate on productivity, profit & ROI.

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02 Feb 2021