SOLoPrint Elfin l

SOLoPrint Elfin l

SOLoPrint Elfin l

Category: Inkjet Printer


We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Providing Labeling Machine for your products. We stand here with our machines to assist you in your labeling products even with different Size and Shape Products. Here we showed you an appropriate machine for your product. We showed above how the label machine used on a single product.

Model : SOLO-TIP-I-El


SOLoPrint Elfin l design with is one piece design the controller and print head is combine together. Elfin l with build in folding screen for easy control. SOLoPrint Elfin l design with customizable imprints, this printer can print single or multiple-line prints up to and within the maximum print-height of 12.7mm.


  • Rated Voltage:  AC100- 240V/ 50-60HZ
  • Power: 36W
  • No of Printhead: Single
  • Printable Height: 12.07mmH
  • Resolution: 50-600 DPI
  • Printing Speed: 0-60m/min(300DPI)
  • Printing Object: Text, Counter, Date/Time(AutoRun), Logo, Shift Code, Barcode, QR Code.
  • Port: Ethernet/ USB 2.0/ DB15

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