Food Labelling Trend: The Rise of Clean Label

Food Labelling Trend:  The Rise of Clean Label
Clean label is not about label design.

It is a concept of producing products containing clean and simple ingredients that consumers recognize. Consumers nowadays are increasingly cautious of ingredients they do not recognize, prompting demands for options free of G.M.O.s, gluten and “science sounding” preservatives.

A study by MMR Research indicates a rate of 70 percent of Asia Pacific-based consumers feel it is important to see keywords such as ‘no additives’ or ‘no artificial ingredients’ listed when considering purchase of food products whilst 73 percent of them are willing to pay a higher retail price for a food product made with ingredients they recognize and trust. Other key factors they consider during purchase decision include nutrition information on-pack, price and perceived quality.

As the concept of clean label evolved, it has become essential to include much more than just label and the ingredient list, with a focus on the product as a whole, including sourcing, production, ingredients and packaging, calling for transparency, traceability and quality for food products. The  demand for such information in product labelling has posed label design challenges to manufacturers that struggle to achieve the right balance of information before labels become overcrowded (clueless on label design? read here for some simple tips on visually effective label design).

Although the clean label movement poses some challenges to manufacturers, it certainly presents a huge market opportunity for growth. By combining a clean label concept with effective label design, it allows food manufacturers to create an attractive appearance for product packaging without giving consumers cause for concern once they turn to the ingredients list. 

Source: Article adapted from Asia Pacific Food Industry .


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09 Nov 2020