Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Labelling Machine

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Labelling Machine


Business owners and manufacturers, are you ready to ultra-boost your production with labelling machine but not sure where to begin? Investing on the wrong machine could sabotage your operation and ROI substantially, negatively impact on business competitiveness and sustainability.We have collected some of the key information you need to gather prior to machine acquisition to help you make a more informed decision.


1) Type of sticker label used
It is important to know which type of labels you are using on the product, either transparent or opaque label as it affects how your labelling machine detects your labels. Transparent label requires additional feature, e.g. ultrasonic gap sensor to detect on label thickness to produce accurate application.


2) Production output per hour/day/month
It is critical to know your existing or expected production in order to choose the right machine with matching speed that produce according to your expected volume. For instance, a round bottle labelling process requires longer time to complete than flat surface product, especially those that requires full label wrap around it.


3) Product Size
The size of labelling machine usually changes relatively to product size. Customer is often required to prepare the largest and the smallest product dimensions. Remember, the more information you gather prior purchase, the better chance the machine is to be the right fit.


4) Space required for machine
Always check with supplier regarding machine size especially when you have limited space available to place the labelling machine.

5) Product shapes and label placement
It'd be useful to know your product shape and label placement prior to machine acquisition as they affect the label application emthods, orientation and adaptability. For instance, labelling machine uses on round bottles cannot be used to apply labels on the top of the box. Planning these details ahead helps to produce labelling solutions that fit to your production needs.


6) On-line or Stand-alone
Is this labelling machine a stand alone operation or does it require integration with other machine in the production line? For integration purpose, It is always important to consider the conveyor height of both machines to achieve the seamless system integration. As a local manufacturer, Solo's labelling machine can be customised based on needs to integrate with other machines such as filling machine, capping machine, or carton box sealer to stramline your production.


With the above information, you should be all set for a new labelling machine. If you have more questions regarding labelling machine, fill up here for a free consultation and we'd be gladly to help.


07 Nov 2020