7 seconds to impress your potential customers with effective product label

7 seconds to impress your potential customers with effective product label


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Photo by edwin josé vega ramos from Pexels)

Product label matters because research reveals consumers make a subconscious judgement about a product within 7 seconds of initial viewing and 74% of consumers will make purchase based on product visual appearance.  Labelling is especially important when you are new to market because once a consumer has developed loyalty to a product, packaging and labels become less of a factor when it comes to purchase decision.

Check out below for some quick tips on designing a professional product label:

Size & Position
Fitting is key. A label that is too big may encounter challenges during application that might affect the impression you are trying to create. Deciding where to place the label would be rather important to ensure maximum impact to capture audience’s attention and eyeballs immediately when they are out on shelves. The amount of information required to display on product label is yet another important factor to consider too. Always remember to not overstuffed information. It is vital on keeping a balance between being too informative and lack of information.

Colour Consistency
It is crucial to practice consistency and standardisation on the way colours appear across your labels as it reflects the tone of your brand and affect customer recognition on your product. Work your artwork/design around Pantone matching system(PMS), CMYK, RGB, or a combination to ensure the colour outcome is always consistent.

It is important to take into consideration of the shape of label and product container as cohesiveness is important in this case. Tapered/convex containers might be challenging. You should also consider the label application method, either by hands or through labelling machine as it affects the labelling outcomes.

Font Readability
Always ensure your product label is readable. A product label generally carries information such as the name of the product, logo, a short description; sometimes, lengthier information such as instructions on how to use, ingredients and so on. It is important that the label font is designed in appropriate, readable size where customers could read the label from a good distance clearly. Ideally the text should be at least above 6 points font and 10 points font and above for other relevant information.

20 Oct 2020